Like most children here in Québec, Canada, I grew up surrounded and immersed in the Roman Catholic religion. I knew God existed, but I did not know who He was. As I grew older, religion was put to the side. I was involved in sports, and that’s where I concentrated my life around. In Junior College, I began to take drugs and drank alcohol regularly.  When I was 18 years old, I received a terrible news. My mom and dad were killed in a car accident.  I realized that I was not in control of my life and that at any time, I could be gone; but where?

Months passed, and life was catching it’s toll until I received an invitation to attend a sports activity at a Baptist Church. It is at this church, L’Église Baptiste de la Beauce, that I heard God’s salvation plan for the first time. There I repented of my sins and turned to Christ in faith for the salvation of my soul. The great thing is that the lady who would become my wife a year later accepted Christ as her Savior too! I got baptized and, later got married to my beautiful wife, and then God put on our hearts a burden to go to Bible College We packed and moved away to a different country, speaking a language that we barely knew, English.

At Bible College(Pensacola Christian College), we grew spiritually. I majored in business the first year, thinking that I would own a business and make tons of money so we could live the life everyone dreams of. God had other plans. In a chapel service, under the preaching of God’s Word, it was clear that God was calling me in the ministry! I surrendered my will for His and switched my major for pastoral ministry. After moving back to Canada, I later graduated from Heartland Baptist Bible College. While in College, I always thought that God would lead us to start churches in Québec.

It was not until April of 2016 that God led me to this town called Coaticook. He put a burden on my heart to plant an Independent Bible believing Baptist Church in that town. I was later ordained, and with the blessings of our local church, we were sent out. We can’t wait to start seeing souls saved, and lives changed because of Christ. Christ changed our lives, and we know He will change the lives of the residents of Coaticook, Québec, Canada.


My name is Anne-Marie Fillion, I was born in Saint-Georges, Québec, Canada. I grew up in a difficult family situation,  I never knew, and felt the love of a father toward his daughter.During my teenage years, I searched for someone who would love me and appreciate me. I started playing basketball , where I felt really appreciated, so I played more and more sports.

Years went by, and I met the father of the man who would later become my husband. This man took care of me and was helping me . I felt loved by a father for the first time. Unfortunately, in October of  2003, he and his wife died in a car accident. That accident made me really depressive. I stopped living.  All the sport  I did, did not seem to make me feel good anymore. I was really miserable.

In June 2004, I got invited  by my mom to attend a sports activity at a baptist church. One day I was driving around town with the man who would become my future husband. As we passed by the baptist church we remembered the invitation to attend the activity.We decided to turn, and that turn changed my life completely. After the activity, I heard the Gospel preached. I saw the amazing love of God, by sending His own son to die at my place. That day, June 3rd, 2004, I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins, and I accepted Him as my personal Savior. Later, I was baptized and married in my home church. A year later, we felt that God wanted us to go to a Christian college(Pensacola Christian College), so we went not knowing the English language.

During those years in college, the Lord showed me to serve Him with joy and with all my heart. I decided to let Him take charge of everything in my life.For this new step in our life, I am excited that God would use us for His glory. I want to be a helpmeet to my husband, to support him, encourage him, at all times.I am glad that my pastor obeyed the call of God to plant a church in Saint-Georges. Without his obedience, my husband, myself, and my children would be lost.

I know and realize the importance of obeying God in sharing the amazing love of our Savior to the people of Coaticook