The Vision



God burdened our hearts to start an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in the city of Coaticook, Québec, Canada. The town has witnessed a Baptist influence in the past, but now the only testimonies left are the empty old churches located in the town and the neighboring villages.
With God’s help, we plan to bring the glorious saving gospel of Jesus Christ to this needy town. Our plan is to be fully supported by July of 2017 and start ministering in Coaticook in August. We already have several places that would be perfect for a church building, and we are praying that God will clearly show where He wants this building to be.



Upon arrival, we will get busy with visitation, mass distribution, and mass mail out to surrounding villages, and Coaticook itself. Although the town is really close to the USA borders, the people cherish their french heritage, therefore all of our material will be in french. Knowing the language and the culture will enable us to immediately start ministering to the people of Coaticook.

We intend to be involved in the community, to get to know the people, their custom, and their point of interest. In this farming community, the one seed they did not plant is the seed of God’s Word, and our intention is to spread this seed everywhere in Coaticook valley.